ANF Cornish Medium Size PVC Transparent Travel Bag

    • CLEAR TRAVEL BAG: Durable and lightweight, makes it easy to pack makeup, toiletries, hair straighteners and more into a suitcase and easily find what you packed. 
    • MULTIPLE USES: Not just a toiletry bag, it can also be used to pack clothes for a trip. This small PVC bag can also be used to pack socks, underwear, ties, belts and other travel items. Going to the beach or pool on your trip? Pack your child’s pool toys in this bag to avoid losing your child’s favourite toy in transit. Need a convenient bag for the gym or work? Pack your car keys, headphones, wallet, protein bars, tissues, and more into this multipurpose bag.
    • EASY TO CLEAN: Did the shampoo spill in transit? Worried about germs? Easily clean the bag with a soapy warm towel or a baby wipe to get rid of germs and restore the bag to its original (and clean) condition! Whether you are looking for a clear shaving bag for men, a plastic toiletry bag for women, a small packing cube for kids, a cosmetics makeup bag case for women, or a pvc bag with a zipper and handle, this bag will be easy to clean and use for years to come.

    Dimensions: W-10.5 x H-8 x D-2.5 Inches