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Toddlers Anti lost Wrist Link Velcro Band Kids Straps Rope


  • It will keep babies in the front or side of parents, in a safe 2 or 3 feet (max 98 inch) when you are in crowed.
  • Soft wrist band have double layer strong velcro straps on the bracelet of kid's side. One strap is for sizing to a comfortable place and the second strap that over lays the first, is to secure the strap in place. This 2.5 meter wrist link is very helpful for baby to learning hold hands.
  • It is compatible for vacation or walks in public, crowded places, like super market, street, subway, park and playground.Safety harness leash gives a safe sport mode to toddlers with parents, independence walking or slow running but keeps them safe at the same time



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