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Popfish Waterproof Foldable Baby Changing Portable Clutch

Why Do You Need a Baby Changing Pad?
When you become a mom, your baby is going to need thousands of diaper changes just in his first year (source). Is it challenging to find a place to change diaper for your baby, especially when you’re away from home?

Do those disgusting changing stations in public restrooms leave you ready to coat your baby’s whole body in hand sanitizer?

— A travel diaper mat is a lightweight alternative to the chunky travel mattresses regularly used at home. After all, you never can tell when there is a need to change your little one’s diaper while on the road. So, be sure to have a baby diaper change mat that you can carry along and stash in your bag for your child’s need.

These baby changing pads are foldable and usually occupy a little space in the diaper bag. They are also very lightweight and rarely occupy more space than a towel.

Can you wash this baby diaper change mat?

— You could easily clean their diaper mat by hand, soak them in water and detergent for 10 minutes, remove the stain, and then wash it with clean water. Machine washing may deform the changing mat. 

Dimensions : L-27.5 X W-19.5 Inches