Printed Tin Foil Coating Insulation Folding Food Cover

  • Printed tin foil coated insulation food cover, to solve your food and cooling problems affecting appetite, give you a healthy diet 
  • Protect delicious food, prevent fly pests and insects, thicken calico, small insects can also block, give you the best picnic and home life 
  • Stylish and beautiful, exquisite atmosphere, to add a sub-Royal atmosphere to your dining table 
  • Pulling head bayonet design, foldable and retractable, easy to accommodate, does not occupy space, one hand squeezes the umbrella cover, the other hand pinches the pull rope to pull up the rope vertically 
  • Can be cleaned, with novel design and beautiful appearance, suitable for use in homes, canteens or hotels and other places

Diameter: 27.5 Inches