winter gala white

PVA Magic Washing Small Size Cleaning Chamois

Light Turquoise
Light Pink
Sky Blue
Sunny Yellow
  • Strong water absorption. 
  • Soft and delicate touch 
  • Robust nature, resist tensile and tear 
  • Environmental friendly PVA materials, dry bulk can stop the bacteria invade and multiply. 
  • Can be used for bathing, dry hair, sports, pets, and high quality home goods clean.  
  • Pets bath: Super absorbent quick dry, dry bulk can stop the bacteria invade and multiply.  
  • Infants: Smooth and delicate texture to care the delicate baby skin, super absorbent to dry your baby as soon as possible, mothers no longer need to worry about your baby will catch cold! If your baby is peeing on the bed suddenly, and for rapid absorption of urine, PVA chamois towel is the best choice.  
  • Ladies: It allows you to save a lot of time in drying hair. 

Dimensions: 43 x 32 cm