Sport Elegant Gravity Boots

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  • Professional muscles shaper.
  • Hang up body inverse for lower back care and abdominal muscles training.
  • Useful for spinal decompression and posture improvement.
  • With the gravity boots, you can develop your all-round muscles and improve the circulation.
  • The gravity boots are particularly effective in relieving stress and tension and physiological care, such as relief of back and joint pain. It also helps prevent and relieve common athletic injuries. 
  • Material: Main body is made by adamantine metal plates to prevent any deformation. Soft EVA pads protect your feet and ankles against injuries and chafe. Strong steel hooks are designed for use of inverse hang-up. 
  • Top quality equipment made in Taiwan
  • These boots are selling for US$38 at

Warning: This Gravity Boot is designed for gravity exercise use only and for people weighing less than 120kg.