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2,356,000 meters of fabric was saved from being wasted in 2018 by Polo Republica x elo. That fabric would stretch higher than the medium earth orbiting satellite (altitude of 2,000 KM).

All of the Polo Republica 1,021,129 merchandise was made by our skilled staff of 1,500 at our manufacturing facility in Faisalabad while the leftover fabric & accessories were collected from 34 factories across Faisalabad, Sialkot, Multan and Lahore.

Recycling and sustainability are just as important to us as selling a garment. We are continuously working on finding new ways to use leftover fabrics, zips and other accessories. We don't believe in charging huge premiums for sustainable products unlike many other European & American Green Fashion Brands.

Our mission is to make sustainable garments affordable and available for everyone.

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Nargis Rahman
Nargis Rahman

September 09, 2019

Great work,is there any way in which I can help the poor female that want to work at their own home?

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