Ashir Saeed

Ashir Saeed

Ashir Saeed 
(Customer Support Team Lead)

How does it feel like working at Export Leftovers?

I joined Export Leftovers in October 2016 and I have been loving it. It's a new day everyday, new experiences, new work styles, new products, new customers. It's all very exciting.

I have learned a lot and I am really proud to be part of Team Export Leftovers. It has a friendly, relaxed environment and all my colleagues have been very helpful. ELO is a breath of fresh air. The company is constantly evolving. Bringing out new innovative products and testing unique marketing techniques. It's all very cool.

The company has a family like vibe and we all have very strong bonds. Everybody at ELO is a self starter and very determined. We all want, ELO to succeed. We want ELO to become the #1 E-Commerce site in Pakistan. 

I am blessed to be part of this awesome team. I want to see Export Leftovers as one of the biggest stores not only in Pakistan but in the entire world. :-) 

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Mian Zahid Shafiq

Mian Zahid Shafiq

February 20, 2017

I would also endorse Ashir as a hard working professional and would like to wish him best of luck. ELO has provided a platform for hard working people and being of part of it really make you special.

Shahid Atif  Malik

Shahid Atif Malik

January 29, 2017

Nice man, always shows his helping hand when a question or inquiry place.
Keep it up.
I like your work.

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