Ahmagni Car Ornaments Perfume Oils

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  • Amini Botanical aromatherapy essential oils using pure botanical aberdeen oils as modulation material 
  • By create a natural soft scents, it helps eliminated odours and refreshing air with fragrance 
  • Unlike normal perfume, which will evaporate under sunlight and finish in short time, this Amini Perfume's oily characteristic allows it works more than 6 months of consecutive using 
  • The upper cover made up of advance timber that will adsorb and release the essential oils 
  • Can be hanged at the car, bag, room, office and more
  • Instruction: Unscrew the wooden cap and remove the plastic plug. Reinsert the wooden plug and pour freshener seconds, avoiding saturation in excess of the cap to prevent dripping, the cap will absorb the fragrance giving a touch of perfume.
  • Fragrance: Osmanthus-RED, Cologne-Blue, Lemon-Orange

Package Content: 10ml x 2