October 26, 2014 1 min read 2 Comments

Muhammad Amin
(Flat Lock Operator)

I love my days off with my friends and family. I love films and take my kids to the cinema on my day off.

Muhammad Amin's commitment to factory is exemplary. He once worked 36 hours straight at the factory to meet an order deadline. The Production Team forced him to stop working. A flower garland was put on his neck when he came off the flat lock machine. 

We are very proud to have employees like Muhammad Amin whose sincere efforts, commitment, determination, personal sacrifices and hard work have led us to becoming the company we are today!!

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Quen Jena
Quen Jena

February 04, 2017

Well done, Amin. Al the nation is proud of you. You are an example of honesty and dedication. Keep it up, man!

Muhammad Anwar Hussain
Muhammad Anwar Hussain

January 31, 2017

Company must Salute such person and help him every walk of life, support him moral, spiritual and material. Such person is valuable asset for company.

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