Shehzada Sohail

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Shehzada Sohail

Shehzada Sohail
(PPC Officer)

So tell us a little about yourself and the PPC Department?

I am Sohail, born and brought up in Faisalabad. I have been working in garment industry for the past 10 years. I started my professional career in the mid 2000s when concepts like Supply Chain, Material Resource Planning (MRP) and Operations Planning were just becoming popular in Pakistan. Back when I started off, a lot of the work we do now  in PPC (Production Planning and Control) was done manually without computers.The introduction of computers and IT Departments at factories have done marvels for the industry.

Anyhow, cut to the chase. Production, Planning & Control (PPC)  is a key support department that interfaces daily with the Image Garments development and production functions. All Production information filters through PPC for analysis and subsequent loading into the Material Requirements Planning (MRP) system for execution. The PPC organization is integrated with the Supply Chain through four major functions:  Program Planning, Operations Planning, Material Control and Operations Systems.

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