Nite Nite Butterfly Two Piece Nightwear Suit ( Garments Specs )

Garment Measurements 

Please note below chart is based on garment measurements.
Shirt Trousers
 SIZE Chest  Length Sleeve Length Fit For Waist  Full Length
(Inches) (Inches) (Inches) (Inches)
XL 24 28 24


3XL 26 29 24 30-32 42


How to measure Garment

​​ ​

1. Chest: 
Measure 2 inches below the armhole.

2. Length: 
Measure from the highest point of the shoulder seam to the bottom of the garment.

3. Sleeve Length
Measure from the shoulder joint seam to the edge of cuff.



1. Waist:
Fullest of Waist line.

2. Full Length:

Measure from highest waist point to edge of bottom cuff